The XSwap Leaderboard is designed to recognize the most active and committed users of our platform.


The leaderboard is designed to rank users based on their activity within the XSwap ecosystem. It takes into account the volume of transactions, the number of swaps each user conducts, and now also includes a bonus for the number of transactions and a percentage from referral transactions. The updated XSwap Leaderboard is an innovative way to recognize the most active and contributing users of our platform. By participating in transactions and attracting referrals, users can climb the ranks of the leaderboard and gain visibility among the XSwap community.

Ranking Calculation

The ranking on the XSwap Leaderboard is determined by a specific formula that takes into account the following key factors:

  1. Volume of Swaps: The total dollar amount of all swaps conducted by the user.
  2. Number of Swaps: The total number of swap operations performed by the user.
  3. Transaction Count Bonus: Additional points awarded based on the number of transactions made by the user.
  4. Referral Bonus: A percentage of the volume of transactions from direct referrals.

Base Score Calculation


Base Score = Volume of Transactions + Transaction Count Bonus

Total Score Calculation


Total Score = Base Score + (15% * Volume of Transactions from Referrals)

Referral Bonus: The referral bonus is calculated as 15% of the volume of transactions from each user you have referred to the platform. It is important to note that this bonus applies only to direct referrals and does not include subsequent referrals made by your referrals.

The new formula ensures that users who excel in both high-volume trading and frequent participation in swaps achieve top rankings on the leaderboard. It balances the impact of transaction size and activity level, making the leaderboard competitive for a wide range of users. The addition of the referral bonus also encourages community growth and active promotion of the platform.

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