XSwap x Stader

XSwap x Stader

We’re excited to announce that XSwap partners with Stader to empower the world of DeFi. We aim to accelerate Web3 space growth and long-term adoption of decentralized assets.

What is Stader?

Introducing the new ETHx Power Pledge for Decentralisation by Stader Labs

Stader is a non-custodial smart contract-based liquid staking platform that helps you earn staking rewards while accessing DeFi opportunities conveniently. Stader is on a mission to bring 1 BILLION people to staking and DeFi. They aim to achieve this by offering the best and most convenient way to earn staking rewards and participate in DeFi opportunities.

What is XSwap?

XSwap offers users the dual capability of not only swapping but also bridging native assets between different blockchains. These features aim to simplify the complexities inherent to cross-chain transfers and bridge operations, fostering a more interconnected and fluid decentralized ecosystem. XSwap’s mission is to empower protocols and end-users with secure, reliable, and easy-to-use cross-chain payments, all underpinned by Chainlink CCIP. We aim to expand across various EVM-based blockchains and become the premier cross-chain payments layer.

Partnership Results

XSwap integrates ETHx (Stader’s staked ETH) giving you the ability to move it between blockchains using XSwap Bridge.

Bridge networks available:


Staked Assets bridging is another step in Chainlink CCIP development. We are extremely confident that this technology, with the help of XSwap will revolutionize the world of interoperability.

For more info about XSwap and Stader check out our socials:

XSwap X account: https://twitter.com/xswap_link 
XSwap Website: https://xswap.link

Stader X Account: https://twitter.com/staderlabs
Stader Website: https://www.staderlabs.com