$XSWAP Community IDO

GM, XSwap Marines!

We’re extremely excited to announce XSwap Community IDO! Why do we call it “Community” IDO? To reward your engagement and commitment to the XSwap development, we’ve decided to organize a $XSWAP public sale, exclusively for our community. ONLY XSwap users will be able to take part in it!

We have prepared the IDO Whitelist system based on your activity on our platform. If you were one of the Top 6000 in our Leaderboard before 17.04.2024 10:00 UTC, you will get a chance to participate. The size of allocation depends on your Leaderboard place:

1st place - $500
2nd place - $400
3rd place - $300
3rd-10th places - $200
11th-100th places - $150
101th-500th places - $90
501th-1500th places - $60
1501th-3000th places - $45
3001th-6000th places - $30

Important: Allocation is not guaranteed. To ensure a fair and straightforward experience, the sale will be executed in the FCFS (First Come, First Served) system. Fast fingers required.

$XSWAP Community IDO Details:
Token price:
Release: 50% TGE, 1M Vesting
Place: www.xswap.link/ido
Date: 22.04.2024 17:00 UTC
Platform raise: $50,000
Blockchain: BASE (in USDC)

By building a strong community, we are not only shaping the future of XSwap but also revolutionizing the DeFi landscape together. Your support and dedication drive us forward, and we couldn't do it without you. Thank you!See you on IDO, Marines!

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